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Why not, asks Steve Winter. What effect this has, if any, on actual game play is left completely up to your imagination.

compltee Well, rather than deal with that waste of shit power, you can instead learn the psiinics invisibility Science, which functions similarly, only with the psonics benefit of masking your sound bandbook smell too although you can still be tasted? As the system has changed so much that they are no longer required to make the system “work” Martial Trance – As it refers to Psionic combat which is no more Ejection – As it relates to Contact Contact – As it’s concept is no longer part of the system What NOT to convert – There’s a fair few “healing” powers in the complete psionics handbook that they dropped in 3.

Steve, I feel like you really have a message you want to share about race relations, why not just come out and say it? Spirit Sense – You can sense whether or not some kind of incorporeal being is within 15 yards of you. Su-Monster – Giant intelligent evil monkeys who predominantly have black fur, except wd&d their hands which are stained red with the blood of all the innocents that they’ve killed.

The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. Powers are compltee as either sciences major powers or devotions minor powers. It sure would be awesome to have this special ability to avoid danger only to have said ability fail when it’s really fucking important that it doesn’t fail!

As a fun aside, none of the Clairsentient Sciences or Devotions have any prerequisites. Steve even encourages DMs to refrain from telling the players that the new DMPC is a psionicist; rather the DM should try and set up improbable scenarios where the psionicist’s powers can be explained via other means poltergeists are throwing shit, not telekinesisetc.

Control Body – Turn someone into your puppet. Not a lot of mechanical examples of this rule in action, but a reasonable DM will let you get away with some creative things. You can also use this power as part of the process to make psionic weapons but the manifesting psionicist also has to make a successful weapon smithing proficiency check when the weapon is fashioned psjonics failure means the weapon is permanently mundane.


Now, it’s becoming more common, although most folks can’t tell it apart from magic. All together not a terrible place to spend your psionicz number of Sciences and Devotions, complfte I’d probably try to limit myself to one major power from this school, picking up telekinesis and either create object or detonate before moving on.

The first section Look What I Got cautions the DM psinics to let the players actually use the rules presented in this book to actually play a psionic character. This power has no effect on living tissue, so you can’t turn someone’s heart to stone or whatever. Both of these powers still require that you waste a huge amount of effort and PSPs to hack into your target’s mind, overcome their resistances, manifest your shitty invisibility power, and psionisc yeah all of those steps are required per each person you want to fool into thinking you aren’t present.

All results of this manifestation are doubled area disintegrated and damage and compleete. The result of your check determines how much information you receive regarding the general level of a threat and the rough direction from which the threat will originate.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Radial Navigation – As long as you manifest this power, you know where you are in relation to a fixed starting point.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Views Read Edit View history. If you make the wind a lot stronger, flying things take a penalty to their movement. The Complete Psionics Handbook.

Teleport Other – The previous power already listed the criteria for teleporting other people, and this power literally just says that it follows the same rules as using teleport to send other people somewhere. This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat Or, you could just disintegrate their skull, but hey don’t let me tell you how to have a good time. Following the chapter on Psychometabolism, I’m going to try and burn through the rest of the chapters while only mentioning a Science or Devotion if it’s especially useful not likely or cringe-worthy more likely.

You’re limited to a maximum score of 18 and you can’t qualify for exceptional strength and it costs more to use this power the lower your starting strength is, which basically makes it useless for its intended purpose.

Prince Fiver rated it liked it Dec 22, Don’t ever take any Sciences or Devotions from this school. Astral Projection – So remember how probability travel was better than astrally traveling like a Wizard because it was somehow safer? This power costs less to manifest than disintegrate and is arguably more useful, in that the target doesn’t get any kind of resistance to your attempt.


FATAL & Friends — Complete Psionics Handbook

Other than the fact that you have to keep spending PSPs to maintain the buff, this power isn’t actually terrible. People are as indifferent towards psionics as they are breathing air or being forced into comllete servitude by Vecna.

If the check bandbook and the power doesn’t work, he forfeits half the PSP cost but is free to try again later. The mechanical effect of this power? The psionicist can detect noise like a thief of the same level. The catch is that the power can only draw materials from whatever physical area is near the psionicist out to a 20 yard radius.

However, it doesn’t define what “the psionicist’s side” means, although since the range for the spell is Personal, I’m going to assume they mean that a psionicist can choose to have either the left side or right side of their body receive a 1 point bonus to initiative.

Homebrew The Complete Psionics Handbook

The psionic creatures were meant to be a DM’s weapon to balance a campaign with antagonists for the psionic, but they did a poor job since any encounter would pit the psionic against the creature, without too much involvement from the rest of the players. The Complete Wizard’s Handbook. I guess this is one of the few redeeming things for psionicists – they can access their cool powers way before mages and clerics.

Heightened Senses – Hear, see, touch, smell, and taste better. That’s half of the Psychometabolic Devotions right there, and I think I’ll spilt the other half into another post.

Anything that lets you fuck with the action economy in a turn based game is automatically amazing and worth taking see also: I guess you could argue that someone could willingly let you leech their hit points but I don’t see that justification in the book so I’m calling bullshit on that logic. The monsters at the end are also poorly integrated.

So for those interested and for my own records here’s what I’m going to write converstions for. Of course the DM isn’t under any obligation to make sure that what he just told you correlates with what actually happens, and if you don’t describe a precise enough psionnics of events, the DM is given permission to completely bullshit you.