“Publishers Weekly” The book is a triumph of storytelling and art. “New York Times Book Review” Told in the familiar Seeger style, with brief musical phrases of. Abiyoyo has ratings and reviews. Ronyell said: I actually first heard about this book when I watched an episode on “Reading Rainbow” that discu. Abiyoyo got kind of a raw deal in the original book, which was very loosely based on a South African lullabye. He wasn’t really evil, just hungry and not very.

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It truly is such a joy to have students share their talents with each other. The little boy plays the ukulele and it disturbs the people around him.

You can have students use a toy ukulele, a magic wand and culturally accurate clothing. The village has been freed of the dangers of Abiyoyo, but new dangers emerge. Is Abiyoyo a folktale?

Abiyoyo | Book by Pete Seeger, Michael Hays | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

If people stop judging others by what someone tells them and sit down and actually get to know boo person themselves then they would be able to make their own judgment. Must redeem within 90 days. I also really enjoyed that it was a Black father and son working together to solve a problem; something that there is a lack of in popular media.

For my next group, we look to the illustrations and text to help us recognize when the problem presented itself and when we knew there was a clear solution.

Abiyoyo Returns by Pete Seeger

Jessica rated it really liked it Feb 08, As a member of the Weavers, he had a string of hits, including a recording of Leadbelly’s “Goodnight Irene” that topped the charts for 13 weeks in Everyone finally agrees to bring him back, but before they do, everyone makes plenty of good food abiyoyi eat so that he will not want to eat them up.


Abiyoyo is a folktale. He then shares that he is still hungry. Books by Pete Seeger.

Download the PDF from here. We have it on cd in the car. In the end, the two use their abiyoyyo to rid the village of the terrible giant, Abiyoyo, and are welcomed back as heroes.

Bring your darn ukelele, we don’t care anymore! Nov 13, Lucas Calderon rated it really liked it.

Once, there was a boy that played his ukelele all over his town and people didn’t want that. The villagers cook lots of good food and prac As the villagers clear the land around their town for farms, the deforestation causes spring flooding of their village and drought in the summer months. Nov 15, Hermes rated it liked it. With the use of a T-chart, the students will learn to recognize problems in the story and then the solution.

But an enormous boulder impedes progress.

Get ready to batter up and share these out of the ballpark picture books and ideas with your class! The boy loves to play the ukulele around the town, and his father, a magician, plays tricks on the townspeople by waving his magic wand, making things disappear. This book is is great for students to read from 3 to 5th grade. It holds a multicultural theme, power of music and song, and the idea that everyone can serve a purpose and part for the good of all.


I can remember my brother coming home from preschool singing this. Aug 24, Deana rated it it was amazing. Pete Seeger’s storysong Abiyoyo has delighted generations of parents and children.

This folk tale contains many elements associated with traditional literature. Sep 16, Kimberlyn rated it really liked it. Sally rated it liked it Jan 08, The tale of how a father with his magic wand and a boy with his music triumph over the giant Abiyoyo is based on a South African lullaby and folk story.

Abiyoyo Returns

I don’t recomend this story to children under 10 years. Text-To-World Connection In the story, the people in hook town did not approve of the magic stick that the little boy in the story dad would carry around town and make people life difficult.

They saved the village. Peter Seeger, better known as Pete Seeger, was a folk singer, political activist, and a key figure in the midth century American folk music revival.

Abiyoyo: Based on a South African Lullaby and Folk Story [With CD]

They were ostracized from the village. Apr 16, Moore, Maureen rated it really liked it Shelves: Nobody believed them but they still told them. The story starts with the town’s flooding and drought problems.