‘Abduh, Muhammed. The Theology of Ishaq Musa’ad and Kenneth Cragg. London:Allen & Unwin. Ahmad, Mumtaz. “Islamic. The treatise Risālat al-tawḥīd (The Theology of Unity)1 by the Egyptian scholar and intellectual Muḥammad ʿAbduh (–)2 is a modern classic. The! Theology \ of. Unity Muhammad I Abduh Translated from tile Arabic by. This is a volume in the Books for Libraries collection. Islzaq MUSCl’ ad and Kenneth.

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Muhammad Abduh

Adit marked it as to-read Sep 09, But ‘Abduh’s ‘modernism’ went hand in hand with returning to an idealized past, and his ‘rationalism’ was tempered by a belief in divine transcendence which limits the scope of intellectual inquiry.

Arberry, first published ; The Qur’an, translated by M. Then the Torah and the Bible and the Qur’an will become books supporting one another being read everywhere, and respected by every nation.

It is possible that here ‘Abduh was influenced by Mu’tazilism as mediated by al-Afghani’s Shi’ism, or less probably that we should detect the influence of Kantian philosophy.

Subscriber Services Contact Us Help. The Koran Interpreted, a translation by A. Broadly speaking, he preached brotherhood between all schools abdug thought in Islam. Ali Ahmed rated it liked it Nov 19, He was dedicated to reforming all aspects of Egyptian society and believed that education was the best way to achieve this goal. Read my full review here: Josh marked it as to-read Oct 21, His liberal views, endeared him to the British, in particular Lord Cromer ; however it also caused a rift between him and the khedive Abbas Hilmi and the nationalist leader Mustafa Kamil.


1.10 Muḥammad ʿAbduh: The Theology of Unity (Egypt, 1898)

Lyla Kasih added it Mar 02, Moreover, because of its stress on Abfuh pleasure and wrath, religion has a greater impact on ordinary folk than the moralist’s claim that some acts are beneficial and others harmful. In his works, he portrays God as educating humanity from its childhood through its youth and then on to adulthood.

During his stay there he dedicated his efforts toward furthering respect and friendship between IslamChristianity and Judaism. Salafi[2] [3] [4] Islamic Modernism [5].

Grand Mufti of Egypt – Open Preview See a Problem? Abduh also visited Britain and discussed the state of Egypt and Sudan with high-ranking officials. Hame Muhammad marked it as to-read Aug 02, Nile DeltaEgypt. He rejects further pf into how human freedom and divine prescience can be reconciled, on the grounds that such speculation is forbidden.

A third influence – the one which is dominant in the Risalat al-tawhid The Theology of Unity and the Tafsir al-manar The Manar Commentary – is that of the fourteenth-century Hanbalite jurist Ibn Taymiyyawho fuelled his desire to purify Islam of later accretions and return to the essentials of the faith as practised by the first generations of Muslims.

HN rated it it was amazing Sep 11, According to him, Islam is the only religion whose dogmas can be proven by reasoning. Abduh regularly theologg for better friendship between religious communities. He believed that the growth of western civilization in Europe was based on these two principles.


A Utilitarian Theory of the Spread of Religions”.

The Theology Of Unity by Muhammad Abduh

Collin Flake is currently reading it Oct 27, A Practical Comparative-contrastive AnalysisRoutledge, p. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Adherent of the Shadhili Sufi order, although thsology later renounced his Sufi background.

All this is far-removed from the traditional Ash’arite position.

Under al-Afghani’s influence, Abduh combined journalism, politics, and his own fascination in Islamic mystical spirituality. Retrieved from ” https: Lists with This Book. For instance, whereas the Qur’an fosters the scientific spirit by directing man to inquire rationally into the workings of the universe, the Islamic philosophers had uncritically accepted the theories of matter and physics propounded by Plato and Aristotlewith the result that the Islamic world had come to lag behind Europe in science and technology.

Abduh, Muhammad – Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Abduh also had meetings in Baghdad with the son of Baha’ism ‘s founder and then spiritual leader, Abdu’l Bahawho he had a generally positive view of – although it was asserted by his students that he was unaware of the extra-Quranic religious scripture or status of Baha’ullah as a prophet in the faith and viewed it as a reformation of Shi’ism.

The rational liberalism which he imbibed from al-Afghani was, however, only one facet of his thought. Founders and key figures.