AAOIFI Governance and Ethics Board Approves in Principle Exposure Draft on ‘ Sukuk . AAOIFI Officially issues the Exposure Draft of Governance Standard on . Content. Overview of AAOIFI. AAOIFI Governance Standards – on Shari’a. Supervision and Compliance. AAOIFI Auditing Standards. Appendices. Overview of AAOIFI AAOIFI Governance Standards – on Shari’a. Supervision and Compliance. AAOIFI Auditing Standards Appendices. Overview of AAOIFI.

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Malaysian Islamic Financial Landscape.

The new accounting standard on investment accounts — Financial Accounting Standard No. Comments on Fiscal Policy in an Islamic Economy. Combination of Musharakah and Mudarabah. Business Practices of Islamic Staandards. Islamization of Finance Sector: Features of a Conventional Bank.

Commercial Interest and Usury.

Accounting, Auditing and Governance Standards

Size of Interest Receipts and Payments: Theory of Islamic Economic: Interim Report on Elimination of Interest. Cost Calculation in Murabahah. Emergence of Islamic Banks. Factors of Productions in Islam: Sources of Funds of Islamic Banks.


Pertinent points that have govednance incorporated in the new FAS 27 included updated guidance on accounting treatment for on-balance sheet and off-balance sheet investment accounts. Accounting, Auditing and Governance Standards. These standards are included in this latest publication of Accounting, Auditing and Governance Standards.

Istisna — Time of Delivery. Multiple Use of Modalities. Educating the Public on the Merits of Interest-free Economy. Discussion on Fiscal Policy in an Islamic Economy.

AAOIFI Standards

Cash Waqfs in the Ottoman Economy. Sharing in the Gross Profit. Murabahah as a Mode of Financing. Features of Islamic Approach. Concerns Raised on Child Labour.

Genesis of Islamic Banking in Bangladesh. Centralization of the Waqf System. Pakistan Specialised Financial Institutions: How Islamic Banks Operate.

Basic Features of Islamic Economics. Poverty in Pakistan Context. Sources of Islamic Finance.

Capitalist Accumulation or Globalization. The Principle of Limited Liability. It seems that the initial drafters and the AAOIFI sub-committee of the standard have the motivation to compile almost all relevant rulings dealing with gold under this standard. Cash Waqfs in India. Macro-management is the Issue.


AAOIFI Standards –

Hence, the unique requirements of Islamic financial institutions were not being met. Poverty in Developing Countries Productive Empowerment of the Poor. Role of Fiscal Policy. Honesty in Public Funds.

Handling Delinquency and Default in Islamic Banking. Cash Waqfs in Egypt. Supply of Money Unidentified.

Murabaha in prearranged deals. Need for Four-Pronged Effort: Magnitude of Poverty Globally. Globalization Domination of Finance.

Classification of Islamic Modes of Contract. Provident Fund Balances of the Employees. Carrying Business of Service.