For a reference manual, see Chapter 3 [Invoking a2ps], page 9. For the definition of some words, see Appendix A [Glossary], page Table of Contents. NAME. a2ps – format files for printing on a PostScript printer. SYNOPSIS. a2ps [OPTIONS] FILES a2ps [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION. Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided that the entire.

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It can be a good candidate for generation of PostScript output syntactic pretty-printers, generation of various reports etc.

Those three numbers are related to red, green and blue proportions used to designate a color. They need not to be preceded and followed by characters belonging to the alphabet.

Working with Ghostscript 6. On a new sheet pack first draws the water mark, then the content of the first page, then the frame of the first page, ditto with the othersand finally the sheet header and footers.

a2ps and enscript

The subroutines and manusl code in the pack package are “free”; this means that everyone is free to use them and free to redistribute them on a free basis. If you need to deal with several various fonts, then GNU enscript is exactly the tool you need. But we need in urgency small pieces of information: All these options support text as an argument, manuzl is composed of plain strings and meta sequences.

To achieve these subtler effects, we need a print filter — a program that applies a transformation to the print job and sends the result to the printer through lpralthough the actual invocation of lpr is usually invisible.


a2ps(1) – Linux man page

A symbol, when recognized, is replaced by the corresponding character in the symbol font. At the shell prompt, type its name and the name of a file that you want it to transform, thus:. All other lines have the format:.

For instance, it detects that frogs. Headers, footers, titles and the water mark are strings in which some meta sequences are later replaced by their actual values. So if you just want messages and time format to be localized, then define: Currently I don’t know how to do that, but ogonkiky may be of valuable help. This schema seems to us a good compromise. Three fonts are used: As a first example, a2ps can be used to convert a a2p file into PostScript, with two pages scaled down so they fit on one sheet.

Two different nanual of pretty printing can be reached: Some other programs — browsers, word processors, mailers — allow you to specify the command line that is invoked when you ask for a document to be printed. There is a big menagerie of symbols. Most of them make lpr the default, but it is often possible to ask for a2ps, with or without command-line options, instead. Using a2ps to Prepare a Text File for Printing.

Calling pack is fairly simple: Verbatims are immediately copied wherever met.

General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

To be able to define new style sheets one needs GNU m4. Two things are to retain from this: For instance, in the exmh mail agent, the print command can be changed by moving the mouse pointer onto the button labelled Preferencesclicking the left mouse button, moving the mouse pointer onto the button labelled Printing in the Preferences window that appears, clicking the left mouse button, and editing either or both of the text fields labelled Text print command and PostScript print command to contain a template for an a2ps command line, such as.


Only the pure specification is then printed.

Indeed pack just looks for some keywords, or some sequencesi. It uses two special features wrt non-English x2ps Reformatting PostScript with psutils. The precise conditions of the licenses for the programs currently being distributed that relate to pack are found in the General Public Licenses that accompany them. Their main use is to avoid a sequence from being terminated too a22ps, e. Similarly, it will run a file containing Java source code through a Java pretty-printer that italicizes comments and boldfaces keywords automatically, convert a JPEG image file to PostScript, and automatically expand a compressed.

a2ps(1) manual page

It is also possible to specify several closing markers, just by putting them one after the other, for instance taken for the ada style sheet: The latest versions may be found on decrease order of service quality: What you are reading comes from this initial Texinfo file.

One common way to run a2ps is from a shell in a terminal emulator. Moreover, its size would have ten times what it is.