A viso scoperto: Un mito ri A viso scoperto: Un mito rinarrato by. C.S. Lewis,. Maurizio Cucchi (Contributor).,. Maria Elena Ruggerini (Translator). avg. [] A viso scoperto. C. S. Lewis; traduzione Maria Elena Ruggerini] ; [] Le lettere di Berlicche. e il Brindisi di Berlicche. C. S. Lewis; traduzione Alberto. Preparing for Easter Fifty Devotional Readings from C S Lewis [Jaca letteraria] (Paperback). A VIso Scoperto Un Mito Rinarrato [Mondi letterari] ( Paperback).

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I think the correct term nowadays is Dissociative Identity Disorder, but this book is from the ’50s I think so Elizabeth’s condition is called something else.

I’d love to know Shirley Jacksons sources on this story. What results is the realisation that Elizabeth has multiple personalities. Once Jackson got into character and dialogue, though, I was intrigued, and shortly afterward, hooked. But it left me too disturbed! Lewis translated into German, not catalogued separately] c; [17] Krs? At some point in her past, she suffered a terrible trauma and, employing a very unhealthy coping mechanism, fractured her own personality into four Poor Elizabeth Richmond.

Wright with the help of Miss R’s Aunt Morgan to effect a cure, to integrate these splintered selves into a complete whole. I can’t vouch for how accurate a portrayal it is. Peter J; c; [] Out of the silent planet.

View all 10 comments. Instead, there is the classic Jackson sharpened brilliance and aslant witticism, each character completely their own person—fully developed and springing from the page if not from that slightly heightened reality I always feel Jackson is writing from.


This is a masterful character study of a woman with multiple personalities–told as is fitting from multiple perspectives. Lewis; [suomentanut Kaarina Helakisa] ; [] Hevonen ja poika. Lewis ; [] Prayer. She’s a shy girl of twenty-three who, like all of Shirley Jackson’s heroines, acts much younger than her age.

All of this though is explored in Jackson’s trademark gothic style – offering horror, black comedy, and a pretty dim view of humanity.

Janine Goffar ; [] The complete chronicles of Narnia.

I feel as if in Jackson’s later work, she learned to do more with less–to write her characters without having to explain so much, which only heightened their weirdness and also, in a way, the black humor, which is largely missing in The Bird’s Nest.

This must surely be one of her cleverest books ever, I was amazed she could continue the sharpness of her writing right until the end. The dialogues in this book were veiled and unclear, there were no direct questions, but constant running in circles.

Come un fulmine a ciel sereno Brossura: Essays zu zeitgemassen und unzeitgemassen Fragen.

Maria Elena Ruggerini (Translator of A viso scoperto)

Mar 25, Kressel Housman rated it it was amazing C.s.leais The book follows the deterioration of her mind and the journey she, her aunt, and her doctor take as a result–the problems caused and the help applied.

All thought to structure and linear progression is forgotten, and the story becomes kaleidoscopic in its style. Il nipote del mago – Le cronache di Narnia Brossura: The 50th anniversary edition harks back to an era when C.


The pretentious Doctor Wright was either too offended to treat Elizabeth anymore, or too preoccupied with his own thoughts and interpretations and being self-centered. I just finished this book after starting it two days ago. Deutsch von Ulla Neckenauer ; [] Pardon – ich bin Christ. I give it w stars instead of 5 only to distinguish it from her greater later work: I was amazed at what Jackson got right about DID.

Mere Christianity (Fiftieth Anniversary Edition)

I must say, after reading it, my brain is exhausted. Non di averlo letto eh, di averlo finalmente finito. Lewis; [ubersetzt von Ulla Neckenauer]. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Primo libro letto di questa autrice. I enjoyed it very much. At Elizabeth’s desk on the highest floor of the building, in the most western corner of the office, she sat daily answering letters offering the museum collections of pressed flowers, or sold old sea-chests brought back from Cathay.

Zuneigung, Freundschaft, Eros, Agape. Lewis translated into Scandinavian languages, not catalogued separately.