GE Healthcare c Anesthesia Machine Technical Reference Manual Software Revision 1.x Approved −12−9 EET Junmin Ji (Rick) M c Product Data Sheet – GE Healthcare c Familiar, reliable, GE – with over years experience in anesthesia and quality leadership? 53 cm/21 in Depth: 40 cm/16 in Side of machine: cm/45 in Height: The c is the ideal solution for customers seeking an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use anaesthesia system. The c is designed and manufactured in.

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Remove the two mounting screws from the O2 supply switch. Remove the inlet adapter from the cylinder yoke, using a 4 mm hex wrench. Do not over tighten the screw securing the reservoir. For traceability, the Global Service and Support Helpdesk is copied on the email. Use care when servicing internal components. Middle low limit alarm setting.

Customers are cautioned to obtain and consult the latest revision before undertaking any service of the equipment.

Connect the tubing from test adapter to a digital manometer. Make sure that the cylinder are full: The new check valve includes an o-ring — orient it toward the pipeline inlet.

A brass retaining ring keeps the filter inside the inlet adapter. Replace the bag port in reverse order.

The ventilator is programmed to supply a specified number of breaths per minute to the patient. Connect the calibration fitting E to the inspiratory flow port. The c ventilator supports the aesthesia languages.


An electrical switch monitors the O2 supply pressure. The assemblies should snap into place. Disconnect pipeline supplies; close cylinder valves; bleed off Vent Engine pressure Section 9.

Reconnect the wires to the flush pressure switch at the top of the valve upper and lower terminals. The self tests include: Clean any residual Loctite debris from the M3 shoulder screws removed in Step 3. Remove the patient Y-piece from the bag port handle. A digital clinical decision support tool that puts relevant, reliable, and predictive information at your fingertips. Figure System connection block diagram.

An alternate method is to pressurize the system and use a leak detector or Snoop to check anesthesi source of leak. In the Standby position The switch turns off the ventilator electrical.

Test the sustained airway pressure alarm: Remove the upper shelf. Adjust if necessary Section 5. Cylinder gauges Use a leak detector or Snoop to check for source of leak.

The O2 flow must be greater than the minimum limits. Direct access to alarm limit settings? Anesthesiq Servicing of this product in accordance with this Technical Reference manual should never be undertaken in the absence of proper tools, test equipment and the most recent revision to this service manual which is clearly and thoroughly understood.

GE Healthcare Anesthesia Machine- 9100C, ICU Use, Medical Use

Remove the macjine from the pressure gauge: GE Therapy Interface Solutions. Check the proportioning system concentration decreasing O2 flow. Over tightening could result in cracking the reservoir.


Connect the power cord again. Push the adapter into the ACGO outlet throughout the test to get a good seal. Replace valve if device shows increased pressure. If not, close the applicable cylinder valve and install a full cylinder.

Unable to begin mechanical No O2 supply Check O2 supply. If ventilator operates from backup battery, check 2 and 3. When the N2O flow is below the point of engagement, increasing the N2O flow turns the O2 sprocket without changing the O2 flow.

The Vent Engine includes the following subassemblies. Install a full cylinder in the cylinder supply to be tested. Flow control tests Section 3.

GE Sustainable Healthcare Solutions

Test the apnea and low airway pressure alarms: Annual Turnover More than Rs. Use a safe, approved procedure to remove and collect the agent.

Tec 7, V5 2 Tool-free installation Selectatec? Connect the open end of the patient Y-piece to the bag port handle. Flow Zero Section 4. In this section This section covers calibration procedures for components of the c anesthesia machine.

Disconnect the pipeline supplies and close all cylinder valves if equipped.