If you are wondering what Vince Gironda’s 8×8 workout training is, how to do it correctly, does it work, and all the ins-and-outs then keep. One of the reasons the name Vince Gironda is as popular as ever in “I have a definite preference for the 8 X 8 system of sets and reps,” wrote. Get an aesthetically pleasing physique like the iron guru. The Vince Gironda workout plan will help you look great with his 8 x 8 program.

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That is to say, the maximum weight that you can do over 8 reps. Enter your email address and click the button below to get started. Any exercise that is a pain in the ass to set up e.

Vince Gironda’s Bodybuilding 8×8 Training System

While he did have some fairly decent success as a professional bodybuilder he was most known for being a personal training to both movie stars and famous bodybuilders alike. Get at least a few gkronda months worth of training under your belt before taking on this challenging endeavor. To 8×88 the stimulation and provide for more growth, both physiologically and psychologically, switch up your routine from time to time using these alternate exercises:.

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Why not mix two completely different styles of training and benefit from both, instead of pursuing just one of them indefinitely? As soon as vinfe percent of your max becomes routine, bump it up to 65 percent!

An accomplished bodybuilder and trainer to the stars of yesteryear, Vince Gironda built this workout with one purpose in mind: There is a lot of knowledge to be gained from Vince Gironda. You could be using two or three or possibly even four of those exercises for one muscle group although, that would not be smart.

Studies show that when training above 60 percent of your one rep max most people can handle between 90 — reps per major muscle group per week. Side Lateral Raise Perform by gripping stationary structure with one hand and leaning away from structure to raise your arm.

The vijce is to lift as much weight as possible within the given parameters. You might not worry too much about your time between sets, as you giornda around the gym, sip on water, and look at gym bunnies on the treadmill. I trained with Vince in the morning and his son, Guy, in the evening doing the same routine twice per day. Studies show that anything over 60 minutes begins to create negative anabolic factors to build up in your system. With any kind of training, it helps to know what you are hoping to achieve.

Most exercises have value if you do them correctly. If you run out of gas toward the end, reduce the weight so that you can consistently hit all 8 reps of all 8 sets—without taking more than 30 seconds between sets—and while maintaining form! I love this style of training. Get your hip flexors out of this movement and you’ll build better, stronger abs. How do you actually progress? Lateral Rraises and Dumbbell Swings.


Decline Dumbbell Triceps Extension Perform while lying on floor, allow dumbbell to rest momentarily on floor before lifting it again. It turns out it makes them stronger.

Vince Gironda’s Bodybuilding 8×8 Training System

Choice of exercises is usually based on the muscular and cardiorespiratory demands of the workout, but here’s another instance in which the “rules” can be bent. The ultimate goal is not only to work your way up to such a low rest interval, but to lift the most possible weight within such parameters.

The routine laid out below is based on vnce four-day split.

You’re already doing the big basics, right? Take a look at this new science. Now, girknda is the one that can really get you in trouble in terms of overtraining. Seeing how this system is so high in volume, training with heavy weights are out of the discussion.

Your heart rate should be incredibly high.