Swordmages were powerful arcane spellcasters who blended martial combat with magic, often but not always elemental in nature. Ancient traditions of. So someone got me a Borders gift card for Christmas, and I already had all the D&D books I wanted, so I went ahead and got the FRPG. Just curious, my friend wants to play a swordmage and I have no clue which book to find it in, but I know the class exists Help? Thanks!.

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No, that just gives extra options for swordmages. Tis in a dragon article sadly and according to the character builder which makes rules swoddmage characters for RPGA and such dragon articles supersede the back of the MM.

If your bonded weapon is broken or damaged, you can spend 1 hour of meditation to recreate the weapon from a fragment. Magical barriers of force swirl around you, protecting you from harm.

Not as good swordmmage a Wizard’s Wall of Fire, but not bad. Thursday, 24th December, One, it makes moderating harder I don’t want to have to click a link when I’m at work to ensure that it’s valid, especially when it’s not. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Gnomes are getting a real write-up as a player race? Anyway, the fighter 4 picks an heavy blade himself, and the feats to use powers in Aoos, and he’s still hiting better.

Spellshooting Swordmage (4e Character Optimization)

Eeerr, no, I don’t have that book. Fear No Elements U2 Gain an elemental resistance. Greater Aegis of shielding will give enemies yet another penalty for being marked, and Greater Swordmage Warding improves our defenses further.


Heart of the Blade [ AP: Burning Blizzard – you have a good number of Swordmagee powers, but not that many Acid powers. I’m checking it right now, and you can’t get all the good stuff for the Minotaur, but you can get the basic stat block. If your bonded weapon is broken or damaged, you can spend 1 hour of meditation to recreate the weapon from a fragment.

Quicksilver Blade D25 Enter a stance and make an extra basic melee attack as a minor action. Humans and eladrin are the main practitioners of the shielding swordmage style. The side effect of marking is that it also makes it harder for enemies to attack one of their own allies.

Not all that useful, especially with Solid Sound coming so soon.

Must be really hard to mod being 5 bears and all. Humans and sowrdmage are the main practitioners of the shielding swordmage style. Also, I heard that the revised Minotaur and Bugbear stats would be swprdmage the PHB2, so that the online version is a preview of the changes being made to the monster races. Sloth Strike E3 Slows target on successful hit, so pretty cool. Which 4e Book has the Swordmage class in it? Someone didn’t bother to read the topic. An area attack, though, so it provokes.


That’s kind of fun. Or is it more of a shift based thing where you just trust the other bears? Then you can dish out appropriate retribution with solid bonuses to your attack role. Greater Aegis of Shielding. Simple melee, falchion, greatsword, longsword, scimitar, short sword, simple ranged. And swordmages are good at this, just like other defenders. Not to mention that size increase is also one-two damage more on average.


Basically, take a kid who realized he wanted to be a fighter when he grew up, then learned he was too weak to properly kill a monster with his sword.

Swordmage – Dungeons & Dragons

They lost that oversived silliness as soon as they got properly statted out. Variable Defense U6 Dragon Elemental resistance that you can change. Log in or sign up in seconds. Reset Fields Log in. Now I need someone to take my by the hand and explain, in soft, understanding terms, why the swordmage isn’t an 4f of power creep. Nice Giant’s Might U22 Enlarge yourself! Sign In Don’t have an account? Constitution determines how effective our Aegis is, so that should be high too.

Spellshooting Swordmage (4e Character Optimization) – D&D Wiki

Not in the author’s opinion. I guess its nice if your DM likes to screw you over all the time. Follow the swordmae content policyincluding the provisions on unwelcome content and prohibited behavior.

Retributive Shield Human Feat: Still, sort of useful. Fortunately, it recovers as an encounter power. Flamewall Strike E7 Create a Wall 3.

Additional prerequisites are noted. How do you 5 make decisions on things like bans?