s, probably now worth more by weight than anything else on four legs .. I went on Digikey, armed with a data sheet, and there do. NTE Equvilent NTE MOSFET N-CHANNEL DUAL GATE 20V IDSS= 5- 35MA TO CASE GATE PROTECTED VHF AMP/MIXER NTE Data Sheet. Tube or Röhre ID, Transistor, Wires and VHF shown. Radio tubes are valves.

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But searching for cow brings up an equally useless list! Make a circuit with me. This is not feasible for hobbyists and specialists from other fields. So who knows, there might be a demand for them again! Manufacturer names and part numbers would be better.

You moved further into the hobby and learned where you could substitute parts, you came to know the familiar solid state devices so you knew that diode was germanium and needed germanium, but that small NPN signal bipolar transistor in an audio oscillator could datashet just about any small signal transistor, so long as it was NPN, and even then a PNP could often work as long as you made adjustments.

Great article all the same.

As a fresh-faced electronic engineering student while the xatasheet Gulf War was raging in a far-off desert, I learned my way through the different families of 74 logic at a university in the North of England. The other elephant in the room is that the military does need parts also. Notify me of new posts via email.


All of your bases ARE belong to us. Does that mean everyone suddenly needs to not design with through hole parts anymore? But perhaps that meant stock.

The Curse Of The 40673: Zombie Components That Refuse To Die

Notify me of new comments via email. Get a 1N82 if you wanted better frequency response, thy were found in UHF tv tuners. They needed to know what was going on in the circuit, and the general specs of the semiconductors.

Epoxy-blobs, I tell you! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A Understand the actual requirements for the circuit which is non-trivial for the non-EE B Know what in the datasheet reflects the requirements you have and C Be able to compare apples with oranges; or rather, be able to comprehend all the differences and similarities and interpret vastly different families of devices into different usage cases.

But there do appear to be some parts that I would try to sub for the in an old receiver design: Datsaheet had to buy dataasheet kit, or hope the author would supply the IC. Big paper-bound books the size of telephone directories were our only window into the exciting world of electronic components.


Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

I think TI has it right and they recognized where they needed to be with things. It worked well, but as you might expect better devices came along, and the was withdrawn some time in the s. I sure hope not!. Another example would be lm Other things came long.

Others would use the same device, because someone had chosen it.

Excessively frustrating… what takes seconds in a catalog takes hours on a webpage. Definitely not for new in-production designs.

_PDF Datasheet Download IC-ON-LINE

As far as I know, those boards are still being built the same way today. A bit late but anyway, a mosfet like the can be swapped with two N jfets in cascode configuration just like in these example:.

I think all your points are valid [AussieLauren] and they are perhaps more valid than you expect. I am guilty of rarely using op amps, and replace them with transistors whenever possible: You are commenting using your WordPress. No mention of cross-refs…?

In short, when we specified a component, we did so with a pretty good knowledge of all the components that were available to us.