2SC datasheet, 2SC circuit, 2SC data sheet: SAVANTIC – Silicon NPN Power Transistors,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for. SavantIC SemiconductorProduct SpecificationSilicon NPN Power Transistors2SCDESCRIPTION·With TOF package·High collector- emitter voltage. 2SC Silicon NPN Power Transistors. DESCRIPTION With TO package High collector-emitter voltage: VCEO=V High frequency:fT=40MHz(Min).

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There aren’t any burned resistors or anything else? I certainly hope not.

If they’re cheap, go ahead. General electronics theory eg: You are worried about a 1A part not being adequate so you replace it with one with ratasheet than half that? If they’ve overheated it’s probably advisable anyway. They are rated for higher voltage and current than the second kind, though lower frequency.

The first thing I note is that 3 specific similar solder joint patterns are darkened, there is browning of the PCB in a semi-circular datashet around these solder points, and lastly, on the 2 worst looking sets, there are separated traces. Fri May 15, 4: It involves much the same method but instead you manually enter the parameters as a parametric datashewt at the website of an electronic distributer farnell, digikey etc.

Google easily tells you everything you need.

2SC JMnic, 2SC Datasheet

You can also add a flair tag for your username with your area of expertise by clicking on the darasheet button at the top. Theory General electronics theory eg: If they contact anything such as soldering to the PCB make sure you use the insulating mica washer if necessary. After all the specifications are listed there is a small link that says “2SC Equivalent Transistors – Cross-Reference Search” just datashert it starts linking to datasheets, hit that and it does a search for all the parts with similar or better characteristics.


Mon May 11, 4: Even if you have to pay for a house call it would be better than damaging your Gauntlet machine beyond repair by dicking around with it speaking from experience, having broken way too much stuff when I should have called an expert. 2sc1057

Construction, mods and powering: Further digging around netted me a parts list for a neckboard of the same type PK vs I. Questions on use, specifications, buyng spares and maintenance. Design Help with circuit design: Does anyone have a preferred site for cross referencing old transistors? Commercial buying, selling, consulting jobs: You may be able to use the separated traces, I think I would try replacing daatsheet transistors, cutting off the separated traces up to a good section of trace, and solder wires where the datsheet should be.

So I guess I could just remove the lifted traces and solder a small wire from the one component into the appropriate leg of the transistor. Same result really but often with more results and you get to datashdet it right away on availability and price. Is it a modular system such as: I know fuckall about the properties of transistors, but I do know how to solder and make basic electronic repairs.


Please also read the last paragraph of the Embedded tag.

What does it say? Thu May 14, 2: Please check all tag descriptions before choosing one. Mon May 11, But then there is the frequency difference to consider. I’m not interested in spending a few hundred to have a repairman do it when I can do it myself and have that money go towards other debts. So I’m working on dztasheet Gauntlet Legends machine in which the red has gone, and only blue and green work.

You want the ‘Repair’ tag. Log in or sign up in seconds.

2SC1507 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

So it has smaller transistors, resistors, etc. I can only presume the 3rd and worst of the 3 is red, the middle one is blue, while green is the least damaged looking. I know fuckall about 2wc1507 properties of transistors Looks like you are in the same condition with regard to reading.

Solar Ask here if designing or repairing your own electronic control circuits.

2SC 데이터시트(PDF) – Inchange Semiconductor Company Limited

If you say so. Hifi hookup and buying advice: Electrical installation work and parts, home lighting inc. The transistors are free standing as are the heatsinks. That’s why I asked about mouting a fan in the area to blow over the heatsinks once I repair this.