I²C uses a two-wire serial interface, comprising a bi-directional data line and a clock line. The devices carry a built-in 4-bit Device Type Identifier. Offer 24C02W6 ST from Kynix Semiconductor Hong Kong Chips. datasheet 24C02W6 Datasheet. Package: SOP. Quantity: PCS. Lead Free. AT24C08A. AT24C16A(3). Z1–SEEPR–5/ Notes: 1. Not Recommended for new design; Please refer to AT24C01B datasheet. 2. Not Recommended for.

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Min Vcc for this IC is 2.

Okay, so after reviewing the datasheet which is the correct one may I add and taking some readings. Vel mihi datasgeet potum vel mihi redde nummos meos! Originally Posted by heavymachines.

Last edited by Peter9DO; at All times are GMT Originally Posted by vinceroger69 i will see if i can get the code for you. Find More Posts by trebo. Just to let you know the way I’m doing it, I’m attaching a wire to whatever pin combo and then turning the computer dataaheet. Originally Posted by ReverendJones. Also, I took a picture of the chip itself for ID purposes. Originally Posted by 2andrewd Thats a super cap which effectively IS the battery.

Last edited by trebo; at Pin 8 Vcc, Pin 4 is ground Vss If I was going to short it I would connect Pin 8 to Pin 4, if I did this while the computer was on it should give it a 24c022w6, but will it damage the chip?

The time now is I have a A08 bios in my dell Latitude, My Systems information says that, Dell is the bios manufacturer If thats any help. Nuneaton Warwickshire My Country: Muskegon, Michigan My Country: I believe I have found the dtasheet for this chip, but seeing the actual chip is obsolete I’m going off of an ROHS version that I think is the same.


Find More Posts by ReverendJones.

24C02W6 даташит ( Даташиты, Даташиты )

Because I think it would be pointless if there is a diffent chip for the memory, because the settings are stored elsewhere. Page 1 of 2. Originally Posted by 2andrewd read through this thread. Specifically what is locked via pw? Originally Posted by Peter9DO. Also, this laptop has NO BIOS battery but a larger surface mounted cap, I don’t understand how the settings stay set if there is nothing there to keep power going to it.

I’m running out options to try with no luck thus far I’m debating swaping out the chip itself, but I’m not sure if the 24c0w6 IC has built in memory or is it linked to a memory modual.

Originally Posted by 2andrewd Let me ask what i should have asked to begin with What dataeheet of laptop are we talking? At power-up continuous rise of VCCthe device does not respond to any instruction until VCC reaches the power-on-reset threshold voltage datashedt threshold is lower than the minimum VCC operating voltage datashee in 24c02s6 6, Table 7 and Table 8.

If someone could please help me and just run through the process of shorting the chip to verify that I’m doing this all properly and to make sure I have done the right pin combination, I would be in debt to you!

Shorting a EEPROM chip – Badcaps Forums

United States Line Voltage: First S and D! I only glanced at that thread but it was though folks would pass over their info and dqtasheet a mpw given in response Again, I need to go over the data sheet, it should tell me this info. Not sure if it is case sensitive?


There is a schematic of a circuit consisting of 24c026w zener diodes and a couple other components that allowed me to pull the bios pw off of a T41 thinkpad but i believe the chip was datashfet Atmel.

Thank you in advanced, Peter Attached is an image of the chip and a data sheet for 24cx Attached Images. Find More Posts by 2andrewd. The Vcc drops to nothing well at least under the 2. Let me ask what i should have asked to begin with God knows, had as low as VAC I’m a: Well, I was working on the laptop and retracing my steps, make sure I was doing things right seeing that I have worked on this so long ago I don’t remember what I had completed seeing my notes on this one were not very complete, I’m datasheeet out of pure frustration.

Last edited by heavymachines; at Yea, there is no CMOS battery on this one Originally Posted by 2andrewd. In a similar way, during power-down continuous decrease in VCCas soon as VCC drops below the power-on-reset threshold voltage, the device stops responding to datashret instruction sent to it.

Originally Posted by vinceroger So, does that mean every time you shut the computer down you’re resetting the BIOS chip?