Kawasaki EX Ninja repair manual online service guide · Access the Kawasaki EX Kawasaki EXF19 Ninja Kawasaki EXF6F . This is the Highly Detailed factory service repair manual for the KAWASAKI EXJ8F NINJA R, this Service Manual has detailed. ninja service General. so i was wondering if anyone knew where to download the service manual for a ninja

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Such a shock to the relay box can damage it.

The pointer mounting is different from replacement meters. Vehicle-down Sensor Lead Connector 3. Headlight High Connector 2. Battery 12 V 8 Ah 7. Set it close to the bottom of the cylinder, where cylinder wear is low.

Stick Coil 1, 2 manusl. Join mmanual Cyclepedia Reseller network by becoming an online affiliate. Wheel Balance 10 g 0.

Throttle Cable Decelerator 5. The headlight comes on after the starter button is released and stays on until the ignition switch is turned off.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Service Manual

Main Throttle Sensor Lead Connector 3. View Ninja member submitted photos here! Lubricate with Rust Inhibitor. Fuel Injector 1, 2 5. Pull the bulb out to prevent damage to the bulb. Your Kawasaki Ninja online repair guide is an excellent manual at a reasonable price! Water-proof Joint 2 3.


Water-proof Joint 3 Neutral Switch Lead Connector 4. The instructions seem clear and logical.

Front Fork Oil Change – Kawasaki Ninja R Service Manual [Page ]

The radiator fan may start even if the ignition switch is off. Ignition Switch Lead Connector 2250r. Crankshaft Sensor Lead Connector 3. Avoid sharp bending, kinking, flattening or twisting. The initial maintenance is vitally important and must not be neglected.

To Fan Motor Lead D: Kawasaki Diagnostic System Connector 5. Throttle Cable Decelerator 4. Standard Spark Plug Type: Your EX manual has been very helpful — this is a great service.


If the measurement exceeds the service limit, replace the crankshaft. Type Semi-sealed beam Bulb: I purchased a one year subscription for the Cyclepedia. Tapping the shaft or body could damage the motor.

We take care of everything. Repair methods may vary slightly from make to make. Torque and Seervice Agent If the cams are worn down past the service limit, replace the camshaft.


Rear Brake Reservoir Tank 7. Thank you for the online Kawasaki EX manual. Illustrations and photographs in this publication are intended for reference use only and may not depict actual model component parts.

Replace the head cover gasket with a new one. EK Joint Tool 50 Brand: Engine Stop Switch 3. Page After measurement, remove the needle adapters and ap- ply silicone sealant to the seals [A] of the connector [B] for waterproofing.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Service Manual: Front Fork Oil Change

If the connector is corroded or dirty, clean it carefully. Front Master Cylinder 2.

Such a shock to the sensor can damage it. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease oil solution. Guide Run the headlight high lead through into the guide. Subthrottle Sensor Lead Connector 2.

ECU Lead Connectors 5. Rear Master Cylinder http: