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Never leave a child, a helpless adult, or a pet alone in a vehicle, especially with the windows closed in warm or hot weather.

Glass Surfaces Glass should be cleaned often. If desired, you can change the TAS automatic engagement feature so that the system will not come on automatically owenrs the engine is started.

If the pressure cap is not tightly installed, coolant loss and possible engine damage may occur. Page 56 Here are the most important things to know about the airbag system: You can be burned if you spill coolant on hot engine parts. If the spare tire lowers to the ground, continue with Step 5 manuual Removing the Spare Tire and Tools on page If this happens, you have to decide whether to try to drive across the incline.

Avalanche Owners Manuals

Page 29 To make the belt shorter, pull its free end as shown until the belt avalance snug. Also check for damaged tires or wheels. Headlamps On Reminder Headlamps on Reminder If a door is open, a reminder chime will sound when your headlamps or parking manal are manually turned on and your key is out of the ignition.


If you slam the door on it, you can damage both the belt and your vehicle.

You can use this feature to assist when towing avalxnche hauling a heavy load. To remove the tools, do the following: To use the locks, do the following: Hydroplaning Hydroplaning is dangerous.

Programmable Unlocking Feature The following is the list of available programming options: Your vehicle has one double-sided key for the ignition, all door locks, tailgate and side storage boxes.

You can be seriously injured if you wear the shoulder belt under your arm. If it is not, have your brake system checked to see if there is a leak.

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This position lets you use things like the radio and the windshield wipers when the engine is off. Even though you have an anti-lock braking system, you will want to begin stopping sooner than you would on dry pavement.

Tailgate Removal Tailgate Removal The tailgate can be removed to allow for different loading situations. To avoid this, everyone in the vehicle should get out avalandhe soon as it is safe to do so. Keep up with traffic and keep to the right.


Ownerz 15 Safety Belts Safety Belts: Very cold snow or ice can be slick and hard to drive on. With repeat, one track or an entire CD can be repeated. Attach the jack handle to the jack. If the vehicle abalanche to start, see Passlock on page Head Restraints Adjust 204 head restraint so that the top of the restraint is closest to the top of your head. And you would be less likely to slide under the lap belt. General Motors recommends that child restraints be secured in a rear seat, including an infant riding in a rear-facing infant seat, a child riding in a forward-facing child seat and an older child riding in a booster seat.

Turn the old bulb counterclockwise and remove it from the headlamp assembly. Passenger Air Bag Indicator The mirror may ownegs equipped with a passenger air bag indicator on the mirror glass, just above the buttons.

If you spill fuel and then something ignites it, you could be badly burned.