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First is to conduct an empirical comparison of economic performances between Islamic banks and commercial banks for a sample of 15 countries in Aeri region during the period As the Islamic Banking system is based on the revelation wahyuall principles that govern the Islamic Banks will ensure the justice to all parties.

Journal of Banking and Finance, 37, Berger, A. The decision has 14 Hamim S.

Review of Economics and Statistics, 79 2— The risk measured by the standard deviation is 0. Journal of Productivity Analysis, 34 1: More research is needed to confirm or reverse these findings.

Some of them are; having a contract with subject matter different than commodities such as health care, etc. So it is important to test for the assumption of a common technology according to the banking type.

Tevkifata Tabi Bir Teslimin Yeniden Tesliminde Tevkifat – Kdv İadesi Ve Muhasebe Uygulaması.

What explains differences in the efficiencies of financial institutions. Many banks and even non-bank nlou are developing e-cash accounts, i. I would like to thank all our Editorial Board and reviewers for their hard work. Being one of the controversial issues, creditrelated practices of Islamic banks have attracted much interest. In the end, each credit-related activity is concluded with a discussion in which comparison of its theory and practice is taken place.


Several scenarios have been considered with two cases in order to evaluate banks business risk, the difference focus on the possibility to the banks which face an abrupt reduction in its business activities to adjust costs or not. Evidence from Bursa Malaysia. The paper is organized as follows: Proceedings of the international seminar of nonbank financial institutions: Additionally, this variable has decreased during the crisis, but it remains the highest.

Taşçılar Yeminli Mali Müşavirlik YMM – Yeminli Mali Müşavir

Table 6 shows the estimate of the model. The risk is measured by the standard deviation is 0. We evaluate the business risk by nolk type, commercial versus Islamic with three possible scenarios, an abrupt reduction in loans activities alone, an abrupt reduction in all other non loan activities alone and finally an abrupt reduction in both activities. Journal of Banking and Finance, 21, Remind, that our previous result find differences in the technologies used, so for all the simulations conducted, specific frontiers have been estimated for each bank category in order to evaluate their business risk.

At present, 6 domestic banking groups have been approved to establish Islamic banking subsidiaries. Several distance functions idv been used in the literature on banking performance, i input distance functions, ii output distance functions or iii directional and hyperbolic distance functions. Test the unit root Variables Statistic p-value Rit These latter banks are expanding during the last decade.

So, the Islamic financial markets, has become a very rich discipline that resulted from multiple thoughts and research. Taking this opportunity, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all colleagues who sent abstracts or full papers to be presented in ICISEF Moreover, estimating dual cost or profit functions require precise information on prices, so using proxy for inputs or outputs srri may be problematic for the efficiency scores derived by these models.


Therefore, tebliu have no correlation problems between the explanatory variables and residuals.

The second model provides an efficiency measure related to revenue, and measure the expansion of the activities while using the same bank resources. Table 5 report the results of our resiliency measure teblii the overall sampled banks and also by size class. They also found that the business risk is sustainable when the banks are not able to adjust their costs in the short run. Using parametric distance function models, hyperbolic and output distance functions, two efficiency measures related to profit and revenue are compared.


Related Comparative literature There is a vast comparative empirical literature on bank performances. Multi-output production and duality: Guney lists some of the commonly mentioned problems concerning murabahah as the permissibility of unilateral promises to be binding, and avoidance of banks of the risks related to ownership and possession.

Islamic Banking in Malaysia: Besides gejel conveniences, this fact induces us to analyse Turkey as a case study. Islamic banks cannot stand alone in the competition and facing the challenges. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in data base or retrival system, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

The comparison is more complicated where heterogeneous behavior is present within the sample of banks under study.