ECORREGIONES DEL PERÚ El prestigioso investigador peruano Antonio Brack Egg. flora y fauna ha identificado la existencia de once ecorregiones en el. Las 11 ecorregiones del Perú son: 1) MAR FRÍO DE LA CORRIENTE PERUANA 2) MAR TROPICAL 3) DESIERTO DEL PACÍFICO 4) BOSQUE SECO. Hace 4 días triptico 11 ecorregiones Es una zona de muchas neblinas. La temperatura por las noches baja a menos cero grados. Su fauna y flora es.

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New records In this study we report the presence of three new species for the area and the western slope of the Peruvian Andes. Biological extinction in Western Ecuador.

This comprised the first Peruvian record for Dasyprocta punctataand the first record for the western slope of the Peruvian Andes for Cuniculus paca. In summary, a lot of conservation work is needed in PNCA. Panthera oncaTremarctos ornatus and Saimiri sciureus are considered locally extinct, while several species are in need of antknio research.

11 ecorregiones triptico

Disparate data sets resolve squirrel monkey Ecorregionrs Taxonomy: Data analyses Each survey sample transects and camera traps was standardized by sampling completeness using the coverage-based rarefaction method proposed by Chao and Jostconfidence intervals were obtained with bootstraps.


Mammals of the Neotropics: Results We registered 22 medium- and large-sized mammals in the three types of forest: Local farmers are familiar with these animals but believe that they are no longer present.

The primates found in the area are at risk of extinction, especially C. Nonetheless, further research needs to be carried out in order to confirm the species in the area. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 3: Proceedings of Biological Society of Washington An evaluation of camera traps for inventorying large- and medium-sized terrestrial rainforest mammals.


Update on the distribution of the Andean cat Oreailurus jacobita and the pampas cat Lynchailurus colocolo in Peru. Although several inventories documented the mammal fauna of some Peruvian regions Pearson, EmmonsEmmons et al.

An effective management plan should be developed by administrators of the park in association with the Academia and local people. Instituto Nacional de Recursos Naturales. We report 22 species of medium- and large-sized mammals in PNCA using three sampling methods, confirming that multiple non-invasive methodologies are required to register the complete mammalian fauna Gompper et al.

Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden Felidae in Northern Peru: Peru holds at least species of mammals in eleven ecoregions Pacheco et al. In consequence, to confirm its presence a species-specific research needs to be developed.


Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests: Still, more antnio effort needs to be obtained to confirm its presence. The Tumbes Reserved Zone. Compared to them we found no evidence of seven species: Camera trapping in the Kaa-Iya National Park. Endangered Species Research 3: The presence of people resulted in the theft of three camera traps, later replaced to continue the study.

Camera trap, line transect census and track surveys: The 15 species were registered during the first 53 days or camera-days Fig. The identification of these specimens was confirmed with museum vouchers.

Antonio Brack Egg

In this scenario the possibility of a remaining population of jaguars in the area is scarce. Also, we provide recommendations to park managers in order to focus bgack efforts in certain areas and species of the national park. Dominated by Centrolobium ochroxylum, Cordia eriostigma, Tabebuia chrysantha, Triplaris cumingiana, Gallesia integrifolia, Ficus jacobii, and Cedrela fissilis PontePacheco et al.