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Meerschaum pipes usable with 9mm filter
Meerschaum pipes without filter
9mm charcoal- and meerschaum filters WHITE ELEPHANT
Meerschaum Filter Granulates (as a filter insert in the pipe bowl)
Pipe cleaners, Pipe lighter, Pipe tools
Ashtrays for pipes, Pipe racks, Tobacco bags, pipe pouchs

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Our special offer: Meerschaum Pipe, 9mm Filter

. Offer Meerschaum Pipe Meerschaum pipe COLOUR

meerschaum pipe, hand made of solid block meerschaum
acrylic mouthpiece, 9mm filter, incl. case

Price: 59,90 EUR

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- BIG SALE: Special OFFERS, up to 20% Discount for Meerschaum pipes with 9mm-Filter

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About Meerschaum and the Meerschaum Pipes

Meerschaum is one of the most porous substances found in nature, that's why meerschaum pipes acting like natural filter, which are absorbing tobacco tars and nicotine in a natural way and yield a most satisfying smoke.
Meerschaum is a German word, which means "sea-foam", alluding to the whitecaps of waves. Meerschaum is a hydrated magnesium silicate. It's the crystalline structure, that makes sepiolite, the clay mineral that is identified by pipe smokers as meerschaum, so good for smoking.
Smoking from a meerschaum pipe is cool and dry with a flavour unrivaled by any other pipe. Meerschaum pipes are affording a unique smoking experience and are the most flavourful, beautiful and unique pipes you can own.
Meerschaum deposits of high quality, are only found in one region in Turkey and is used majorly for producing the famous meerschaum-pipes.
With a minimum of proper care, Meerschaum pipes will last for a lifetime and don't burn out as briar pipes do. The subtle differences in colour and tone among meerschaum pipes are intentional, achieved by careful dipping of the meerschaum pipe a specific number of times.
Like about 300 years ago, meerschaum pipes are still carved by hand, so every meerschaum pipe is unique in style and shape. Also the rich colouring of the meerschaum itself is uniqe and different at every pipe.
As a meerschaum pipe is getting used, the meerschaum is colouring in a spectrum of rich honey-brown to black, improving both in appearance and taste. Each meerschaum-pipe is an investment in smoking pleasure. As beautiful a meerschaum-pipe is to the eye, its true beauty must be experienced. Meerschaum is made to smoke. Hold it. Enjoy its light weight and silky feel, its distinctive taste, its ripening to a mellow golden-brown. Justly deserving its reputation as the "aristocrat" of pipes, a meerschaum pipe is not meant for the connoisseur alone.
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How to recognise a real Meerschaum Pipe

It has to be paid attention to meerschaum-pipes, which are not described as "made of 100 % block meerschaum"! Such pipes can be made just of meerschaum-powder! These pipes cannot be compared with real block meerschaum pipes, wich made out of one meerschaum block.

An easy test to make sure that a meerschaum pipe is a real block meerschaum pipe, is the so-called tongue test. If the tongue sticks in the inner side of the pipe bowl easily, it is a real block meerschaum pipe!
We guarantee that all meerschaum-pipes in our onlineshop are made of 100% block-meerschaum!
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New in the Assortment

New in our Online-Shop are meerschaum made churchwarden pipes / reading pipes with a long mouthpiece and also Churchwarden pipes / reading pipes with a second shorter mouthpiece for using also as a normal pipe. Because of the big demand, we have widened the category "Meerschaum Lined Pipes". Also we offer fitting 9mm meerschaum filter and 9mm charcoal filter of the brand White Elephant, Meerschaum granulate / filter granulate for insertion in the pipe bowl and White Elephant conic pipe cleaners for your pipes or meerschaum pipes! Also we offer different pipe racks, pipe lighters, ashtrays, pipe tools, tobacco bags, pipe pouchs,...
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Our Prices

Decisively for the price of our meerschaum pipes are the following criteria:

- Size of the bipe bowl
- the surface structure of the sepiolite / meerschaum
- Pipe with or without filter

Regardless of the size and structure of the sepiolite / meerschaum, all our meerschaum pipes are of constantly high quality.
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Meerschaum Filter Granulate

Meerschaum (Sepiolite) filter granulates are providing as an insert in the pipe bowl a cool and dry smoking, beside the function as a filter.
Simply give a few little pieces of the meerschaum granulate in the bowl and fill the pipe as usual with tobacco. After the smoking just dispose with the tobacco leftovers.
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